I’m famous!

Dear Lake Enthusiasts,

Today, through the power of self-promotion, I transcended from a mere graduate student to something more magnanimous: a poster child. It is with great pleasure that I announce to the world that I, Rebecca Doyle, am mentioned on a website other than http://www.lakenerd.com. Hold the applause, please.

As much as I adore http://www.lakenerd.com, I am painfully aware that the site enjoys a viewership of one view per month. I’m not entirely sure if that one view per month is just me admiring my work from another device (like my cell phone…), or if it is my father, who occasionally leaves lake-related comments below my posts. Perhaps the world is not ready for a website dedicated solely to lakes. The point is, this site might not be the direct route to fame and fortune that I had always envisioned.

Now, thanks to my friend Erika Freeman, I need not die in a tragic hot air balloon accident to make my work experiences known to the world. They are described here on the NSERC CREATE ABATE website. For those unfamiliar with this program, you should be ashamed of yourself. I could write a thoughtful summary here, but I’m lazy and have 35 more essays to mark, so instead I’ll directly quote Erika:

“The key response to Canada’s emerging freshwater Harmful Algal Bloom (fHAB) crisis is the creation of a knowledge-rich and skill-ready workforce that will take leadership roles in defining strategies to solve this ecosystem health problem. The NSERC CREATE ABATE program strives to develop this team.”


Much love,



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